Creative hubs are platforms or workplaces for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, app developers or start-up entrepreneurs. They are uniquely diverse in structure, sector and services, and range from collective and co-operative, to labs and incubators; and can be static, mobile or online. More importantly, they are drivers in a field with the potential to revive the economy.

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An inventory of effects | Relja Bobic | European Creative Hubs Forum publication

For the first European Creative Hubs Forum, the Belgrade based creative hub and design incubator Nova Iskra/Kulturni Kod, has prepared a collection of critical texts showcasing the shifting paradigm of work and creativity.  The publication will be available in full on the European Creative Hubs Network platform after the forum. Relja Bobic of Nova Iskra […]

Hierarchies to #Hashtags | Jon Barnes piece | Hyperisland

Hierarchies to #Hashtags: How organizations might be paving the way for democratic innovation Ask yourself this… What would the world look like if the internet would have been invented before democracy? I have long been interested, even obsessed with the idea that open technology could be the great leveler the world needs. That it could […]

Creative Hubs in Focus

Are you a creative hub leader, looking to engage with other creative hubs across Europe and beyond? Are you eager to exchange experience and build collaborative projects? Are you keen to contribute to the development of the network, as well as benefit from what a network has to offer? Then you can help put the network vehicle into motion!