Creative hubs are platforms or workplaces for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, app developers or start-up entrepreneurs. They are uniquely diverse in structure, sector and services, and range from collective and co-operative, to labs and incubators; and can be static, mobile or online. More importantly, they are drivers in a field with the potential to revive the economy.

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Peer-to-peer scheme: round 2

“Creative hubs bring together creative people. They may differ in size and focus, but ultimately ‘a hub is a hub’ when it unites, inspires and promotes a community.” Intro The European Creative Hubs Network Peer-to-peer exchange scheme (P2P scheme) was launched during the European Creative Hubs Forum in Belgrade, between 22 and 24 September 2016. […]

European Creative Hubs Skills Workshop #1 | Madrid | Press Release 1

How to start me up: building my creative hub   European Creative Hubs Skills Workshop #1 | Wednesday March 22nd – Thursday 23nd | @Matadero, Madrid, Spain   EUROPEAN CREATIVE HUBS NETWORK announces its first skills workshop for creative hub leaders in Madrid, Spain. Factoría Cultural and the consortium partners of the European Creative Hubs Network […]

Syn- acting together | Vassilis Charalampidis and Korinna Patelis | European Creative Hubs Forum publication

For the second European Creative Hubs Forum, the Athens based creative hub Bios-Romantso, has prepared a collection of critical texts showcasing the potential of creative hubs, and the culture and creative industries more generally, to grow and enable growth on both social and economic levels.  The publication will be available in full on the European Creative Hubs […]